Imagining workshops that integrate arts, architecture and storytelling with technology is my signature. I work in English and in French with non-profit organizations, festivals, schools and community centres that are looking for ways to get more girls and boys interested in STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

After working in the tech industry for 25 years, I became a mom on a mission. How to prepare kids for the future became my focus. I decided to put my skills and knowledge to use for the benefits of children instead of businesses. I became a STEAM educator and a fan of the maker culture. In my workshops, kids aged 6 to 12 mix coding, robotics, electronics, design thinking and prototyping to bring to life projects that explore the world of today and tomorrow.

I animate classes and camps, provide advice on how to start/run your own makerspace, train your staff and give presentations on topics like the maker movement in education, STEAM for girls and boys.

For more information about what I did, do and think, look at my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

I wrote several posts about preparing school-age children for the 21st century for my old blog, At Home with Kim Vallee  but I don’t post new content there anymore. Bidouilleurs’ Facebook page is a place where I share interesting news and trends in English and in French. I invite you to like it.